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Project goal

The aim of the project was to create an online store with a dedicated design that would show the character of the brand and distinguish it from the competition. The client needed to be able to easily manage the products and content on the website. The key factor was the speed of the website and its responsiveness. The implementation had to include the possibility of expanding the store with new functions in the future.

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The case study describes the implementation of a dedicated eCommerce solution for the Traczyk Leather brand.


Before starting the project, the client sold his products only in traditional form, focusing on the local market. He came to us with the idea of entering the eCommerce market and starting online sales. Together with the client, we determined the needs and main goals of the project and then created its plan.


The project included creating ux / ui, designing the user interface, the configuration of the eCommerce platform and deployment on the server.



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Project description

We started the project by determining the client's requirements and preparing a plan. In the next step, the project was divided into phases and a work schedule was established. We implemented the online store in the Agile methodology, therefore the tasks were performed in the form of one-week sprints. After each sprint, we met with the client to present the progress of the work. The most important thing during the implementation was constant contact with the client, which allowed us to quickly discuss the most important issues and introduce changes to the project.

We started developing the online store by creating a ux mockups. Then, after approval by the client, we started applying the design. Ux & ui designer prepared the user interface to guarantee the simplest possible purchasing process. As part of creating online visual identification, also part of the offline brand benefited from rebranding and a new logotype was designed. When the ux and design mockups were ready, we started implementing the sales platform.

The project was implemented in the headless eCommerce concept. We decided to create a frontend part of the online store using the NextJs technology, which ensures the speed of the website and its responsiveness. NextJs also guarantees that the online store will be optimized for SEO. The backend part of the store was created in the Saleor technology. It is a modern eCommerce platform that allows the development of high speed online stores. Saleor is open source, so it is gaining a large community and growing rapidly. Saleor technology was built with the headless eCommerce concept in mind, which in combination with the NextJs technology from the frontend part gives full flexibility and the possibility of most eCommerce integrations, eg. CMS, CRM, PIM etc. The headless approach means that the admin panel is also a separate instance. The project uses the Saleor admin panel, which is created in React technology.

We used several eCommerce integrations in the online store. The Paczkomaty Inpost have been connected to enable the selection of the parcel locker as the delivery method of the order. In the case of the payment gateway, the client decided to connect Stripe due to the many possible payment methods and automatic integration with the Polish payment gateway Przelewy24. The choice of the Stripe was also dictated by the intention to sell overseas. For this reason, the online store is also equipped with two language versions, Polish and English. The Saleor admin panel allows easy product and content management for both languages.

In order to ensure the safety of the store and compliance with the law, the store has been equipped with an SSL certificate and a cookie plugin. The SSL certificate guarantees a safe connection to the website and has a positive effect on the SEO positioning. The implemented cookie plugin complies with the GDPR guidelines and allows user cookies preferences management.

We have implemented the ready online store on the VPS server using Docker, which guarantees adequate security and delivery of the application with all the necessary dependencies. Additionally, we used Redis for optimization. It is a non-relational database that is great for data caching and provides immediate database response to requests. Photos in the project are served by the Amazon AWS S3 service. AWS is a storage service offered by Amazon. The service provides easy and quick access to photos, thanks to which the store maintains the highest efficiency.

The ready eCommerce platform met the customer's requirements and allowed Traczyk Leather brand to start online sales.

Our tech stack












Panel admina Traczyk Leather

Pagespeed insights


We tested the website’s performance using Gtmetrix tool. A combination of the technologies used: NextJs (frontend), Saleor (eCommerce), Redis (cache), Amazon AWS S3 (photos serving); had a great effect. During the tests, the store received the highest possible grade A. The platform’s efficiency was rated at 99% and its structure at 95%. Such a good result ensures the best possible user experience during the purchasing process.

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