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How to create an online store

Building an eCommerce website is quite a challenge. Before starting work on your new project, a key element is to carefully plan all aspects of it.

When we created our eCommerce getting started guide, we focused on all key aspects that you need to remember. We describe them clearly and gathered them in one place, creating a free PDF guide, which will ease starting to work on your new idea.

Familiarizing yourself with it will help you understand the entire process of building an online store. From planning and strategy, through coding, to implementation and monitoring of online sales.

What you will find in free Rigby eCommerce getting started guide

Define your vision

Break down the general idea into its prime factors, think over your project concept and make all assumptions precise.

Analyze your competition

Follow the trends, build a strategy, look for new opportunities and ways to distinguish your company.

Choose a platform

There are many eCommerce solutions on the market. Choosing the right one will allow to grow your business.

Plan your budget

It is worth to initially estimate the budget and consider which elements, at what stage, will be important.

Prepare communication with the client

The eCommerce industry provides a lot of tools that allow efficient communication with the customer.

Delivery and payment methods

It is important to choose the payment and shipping methods that you will make available for your customers.

Choose integrations

Integrations are external services that will expand the capabilities of your platform.

Remember about content

Visual and text content is one of the key factors in successful sales.

Act legally

Take care of the safety of your customers and the legality of your platform.

Prepare a marketing strategy

Promotional activities are the foundation of success in the eCommerce industry.

Sell, monitor and improve

A refined eCommerce platform requires a long-term plan, many tests, continuous development and persistence.

Download free eCommerce getting started guide

Building an eCommerce website is quite a challenge. Our guide will introduce you to the steps of creating an eCommerce store.

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We start each project by closely investigating your needs. After understanding them, we prepare a solution that suits them.

Support at every stage

We focus on keeping you in the loop, that’s why during the project we are always at your disposal to advise you and dispel any doubts.

Agile approach

We work in Agile management methodology, which allows us to quickly introduce new changes and guarantee efficient and flexible project realization.

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