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Every project starts with an idea

Converting an idea into a working project is a long way in which we want to help you. That is why we start cooperation with creating a good plan. First of all, we need to understand your current situation and the problems you are struggling with. Based on this, we will prepare a list of needs that your online store should meet.

Further joint activities are undertaken on the basis of a previously created plan. The plan allows to make further choices about technology and project scope.

How we start projects at Rigby

Scheme of development process Scheme of development process


You will receive a link to a form in which you will answer questions about your new online store. Answering all of them will allow us to better estimate the scale of your project, and you will be able to organize the vision.


During a workshop meeting with the client, we write out the business logic of the project, its main assumptions and user paths, thanks to which the project will meet all the assumed requirements.

Estimation and offer

On the basis of the prepared information about the project, we create a document containing the scope of the project, time and elements estimation and the proposed solution.

Detailed plan

Together, we will arrange the exact stages of building your online store.

Saving money

The cost of planning allows you to significantly reduce the final price of the project.

Time saver

A well-planned project significantly reduces the time of its implementation.

Attractive design designed with your product in mind

We focus on good design that will make you stand out from the competition

We take care of the intuitiveness of the stores and the logical arrangement of elements. Good information architecture is one of the factors of effective sales.

Ecommeerce attractive design
Ecommrece advanced sale functionalities

Well thought store that allows you to sell more.

Our solutions are focused on online sales. We understand that selling is not just about clicking "Buy Now". With this in mind, we offer our clients the integration of sales tools and the implementation of elements increasing the value of the basket, such as cross-sell / up-sell modules.

The headless approach means all the integrations you need

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By using headless architecture when creating an online store, you can think of its subsequent elements as modules that you connect with each other. This enables endless integration and separation of various services from each other. It is a modern solution that allows for quick scaling and guarantees ease of maintenance.

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Payment methods

Integrate any payment gateway into your online store and let your customers pay the way they want.

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Shipping methods

Choose the right delivery methods for your products and deliver to your customers as quickly as possible.

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Currencies and languages

Expand your sales worldwide with language change & currency conversion.

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Add the marketing tools you use and let your potential customers get to know you.

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Easily manage your website content, products and your inventory.

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SEO and analytics

Monitor the results of your activities and optimize your online store for visibility in search engines.

Agile project management as a key to success

We work in Agile management methodology, which allows us to quickly introduce new changes and guarantee efficient and flexible project realization.

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Download free eCommerce getting started guide

Building an eCommerce website is quite a challenge. Our guide will introduce you to the steps of creating an eCommerce store.

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What else can we offer

Rigby services covers complex eCommerce solutions. Find out what can we do for you.

Information architecture

Platform building

Functionality extension

Products migration

Technical support

Quick kickoff

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What do you gain working with Rigby

Suited solution

We start each project by closely investigating your needs. After understanding them, we prepare a solution that suits them.

Support at every stage

We focus on keeping you in the loop, that’s why during the project we are always at your disposal to advise you and dispel any doubts.

Agile approach

We work in Agile management methodology, which allows us to quickly introduce new changes and guarantee efficient and flexible project realization.

You already have your online store, but it's not working as it should?

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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any other question about creating an online store, write to us.

How much does it cost to create an online store?

It depends. Depending on the scope and scale of the project, the price may be between several and several hundred thousand PLN. If you want to know the approximate price of your idea, please contact us.

How long does it take to build an online store?

It depends. The duration of the project depends on its complexity and number of functionalities. The projects are carried out in stages, which means that the basic version of the store can already sell while we are still working on new functionalities.

What does the process of building an online store look like?

Building an online store consists of several stages, from idea and planning, through coding and implementation. If you want to know more about it, download our free PDF guide.

Will I be able to expand my store in the future?

Of course! If your budget does not currently include given functionality, you will be able to come back to us whenever you are ready. The technologies we use enable the further development of your project.

Can I count on support after creating a store?

Yes, we are always available to our clients. We answer all questions and help to solve all problems.

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