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Free eCommerce audit

Free eCommerce audit is our service that allows checking the key elements of your online store. It is carried out by one of our experts. We only need your website URL to perform the audit. During the audit process, your website will remain intact and we will not impact its performance. After signing up for the audit, you will receive a confirmation and an approximate completion date. After the audit, our expert will arrange a consultation with you to discuss it.

Take advantage of our eCommerce audit

Overall page status

During the audit, we will investigate structure correctness and its performance.

Possible improvements

Our report consists of a list of all elements that can be improved.

Additional functionalities

We will prepare a list of functionalities that can be added to your online store.

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What our eCommerce audit covers

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General informations

We will gather general information about your online store and what technologies and servers it uses.

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Structure and performance

We will present the overall performance and structure results, check image optimization and catch HTML errors.

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SEO analysis

We will check all the elements necessary for the high ranking position of the online store in search engines.

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At this point, we will analyze logical consistency presented data and general website look and responsiveness.

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To improve

In this section, we will describe elements that can be improved on your website.

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Additional elements

We will present possible additional functionalities for your eCommerce which will increase sales.

Audit result

The result of the audit is a PDF document that describes the above-mentioned aspects of your website. Your store will be checked in each of them. We will discuss the prepared document together at an arranged meeting. We will present to you the condition of your online store and present potential solutions and functionalities that can be added to it.

The presented proposals do not oblige you to further cooperation. After the meeting, the document will be sent to your e-mail.

Free eCommerce Audit

The audit is the first step to optimization. Optimization is the first step to increase sales.

Free eCommerce Audit

eCommerce audit


Increase sales

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Clients spend more time in the online store that works smoothly

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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any other question regarding the audit of the online store, write to us.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. The whole audit process is completely free. After the meeting during which we will go through the audit, you are not obligated to conduct further cooperation with us.

Will my online store work slower during audit process?

No. When carrying out the audit process, the activities of our expert do not differ from the activities of your client. Your store will run as always.

Will the audit process somehow change my website?

When checking the website, we do not interfere with the structure of your online store. Your store will remain the same.

How long is the meeting during which we will discuss the audit?

The meeting time depends on the number of areas that need improvement. Usually such a meeting lasts from 15 to 25 minutes.

When will I get my audit?

You will receive the audit right after the meeting. We will send it immediately via e-mail along with a summary of the meeting. Depending on the amount of our work, the audit will be ready within 1 to 2 weeks.

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