Project is a process - see how we build eCommerce platforms at Rigby


We will start by talking generally about your business and trying to understand it. We will learn about your current situation, and then your needs and expectations for a new store. We will tell you about our methodology, how our service works, and how we operate. We will introduce you to the technology we implement and discuss when it works well and when it doesn't. Does our approach suit you? Perfect, let's proceed.


Before we move on to proposing specific technology, designing a new store, and implementing it, we need to get to know your business and your needs more thoroughly. To do this, we conduct workshops and study and analyze your current store if you already have one. Through the workshops, we will understand what you need, establish a common goal, and select technology that will enable you to achieve it. Analyzing the current store will help us determine what to add or change in the current design to increase sales and improve user experience.

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After conducting the workshops, we now have all the necessary knowledge and a clear understanding of your business and needs. We organize all the information we've gathered, establish priorities, and prepare a technological proposal. As a result, you will receive a complete plan for creating a new online store along with a cost estimate.


If our proposal is what you needed, and you decide to work with us, we proceed with the work. We assign a team to your project and prepare all the necessary tools needed to complete it.

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We begin the design phase. Initially, we prepare a sketch that aims to layout all the previously gathered elements on the page and present the navigation and functionality. Next, we will build a prototype based on the prepared sketch, developing the sketch with interactions, such as the ability to click on buttons and switch to other views. After testing the prototype, we add the visual elements, which will create a complete design.


Once the design is ready, we move on to the development phase. We create repositories and a work environment for the project. We plan sprints, assign initial tasks to developers, and start coding. At each stage of the project, we will discuss everything that has happened in the project and plan further work together. Every new feature added to the project is continuously tested by a tester.


After preparing all the necessary functionalities for the basic version of the product, we switch it to the production version and make it available to your users.


Your platform will be selling and expanding its reach while our team of experts will take care of its maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted operation.


As your partner, we will advise you at every stage of our cooperation. As your business scales up and new needs arise, we will develop the platform with new functionalities.

We can't wait to find out what we can build together

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