Revitalize your eCommerce business by migrating your online store to a headless architecture.

Unlock the power of scalability and flexibility in your online store by migrating from outdated solutions to a modern approach that separates the visual layer from the business logic.

Conduct a stress-free migration from an old platform

Migrating an old eCommerce platform to a headless architecture can be a complex and demanding process. It requires a thorough pre-implementation analysis and migration strategy preparation. To do this, we must understand the challenges associated with migration and be aware of several potential obstacles to consider:


Data Migration

One of the biggest challenges in eCommerce migration is data migration. We must ensure that all customer data, order history, product information, and other critical information are seamlessly transferred to the new platform.


Integrations and custom functionalities

Many companies use custom functionalities and integrations. Migrating to a new platform will usually require a re-implementation of these elements, which can be time-consuming and costly. We need to take this into account during the pre-implementation analysis.



During the migration process, downtime may be necessary on the old platform, which can affect sales and revenue. It is important to minimize downtime and ensure that the website will operate practically without interruption.



eCommerce migration can have a significant impact on search engine rankings. We need to plan the migration in such a way as to maintain SEO rankings and traffic during the migration process.


User experience

Customers expect smooth shopping experiences, and any disruptions during the migration process or a completely different architecture can affect their impressions. It is crucial for the new platform to be user-friendly and provide customers with excellent shopping experiences without requiring them to relearn how to use the store.


Team training

Migrating to a new headless platform will require training your team to understand the new solution and be able to operate it without difficulty.

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What can we do for you?

01. Pre-implementation analysis

02. Preparing a migration plan

03. UX/UI design

04. Online store creation and implementation

05. Maintenance and support

06. Integrations with external platforms

Reasons for migrating from an old platform


The technological debt of your current platform is too large to justify further development.


Your business has grown and the current technology is no longer sufficient.


The current solution is not flexible enough to accommodate new business requirements.


Your store has a lot of errors and runs slowly.


The current solution offers a complicated purchasing process and provides unsatisfactory user experiences.


Your store is not aligned with your business goals and lacks key functionalities that are important to you.

What will you gain with a new eCommerce platform?


An online store where you can easily make changes and adapt to changing market realities and new trends.


The development of the new platform will be fast and will not generate unnecessary costs.


Your eCommerce platform will grow with your business.


An online store that will be free of errors and will load very quickly.


Optimized purchasing process and improved user experiences.


An online store tailored to the sales approach your business expects.

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Project process

YoungWear migration to headless eCommerce in Saleor and Next.js


New design and better user experiences


Increase in visitors from 5k to 20k per month


Shortening the time and cost of implementing new changes

I am fortunate to have good people in my life, and working with the Rigby team confirms that. Working with them is a constant source of growth and a great adventure. Our ideas and strategy combined with their ideas, knowledge, and experience resulted in an excellent online store.

Dominik Chrzanowski

CEO YoungWear

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to create an online store?

Depending on the scope and scale of the project, the price can range from a few to several hundred thousand euros. If you want to know the approximate price of your idea, please contact us.


How does the process of building an online store look like?

Building an online store consists of several stages, from idea and planning to coding and implementation. If you want to learn more about it, check out the "How we work" subpage.

Why it's worth working with Rigby


We set a common goal

Establishing a common goal is an important aspect of successful cooperation. We will strive to get to know and understand your needs and challenges, and find out what you want to achieve. Such an approach will help us set a clear direction for the project, ensuring that we are all working towards the same outcome.


We take a long-term view of the project

At Rigby, we believe in a long-term approach to projects. Instead of focusing solely on short-term goals, we consider a broader perspective of our work and strive to create lasting solutions that will not only meet your most urgent needs but also provide long-term benefits for years to come.


We create stores in a headless architecture

We strongly believe in headless architecture and open-source solutions. This approach enables us to create scalable solutions that can be easily customized and extended over time. By using this approach, we are able to provide you with a solution that is both effective and cost-efficient.


We quickly implement the basic version of the product

We value fast time-to-market and believe in using the Agile approach to achieve it. By breaking complex projects down into smaller, easier-to-manage tasks, we can maintain a good pace and respond to changing requirements in real time. This approach will allow us to bring your eCommerce platform to market faster, reducing the time needed to achieve your business goals.


We work with data

We are passionate about working with data and believe in the importance of conducting thorough analysis before implementing solutions. By evaluating your current solution, we can identify areas that require improvement, discover well-functioning elements, and then adjust our approach to make informed decisions and provide you with the best possible results.

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We believe that software development should be a collaborative process and our clients are active partners throughout the development cycle. Through collaboration and our commitment, we help our clients achieve their business goals.

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At Rigby, there's nothing we love more than delving into exciting ideas and collaborating with our clients to find the best solutions. Whether you're dealing with a complex technical problem or a strategic business challenge, we're here to help you overcome your challenges. If you're ready to take your company to the next level, let's start the conversation today.

Grzegorz Tomaka

Grzegorz Tomaka

Co-CEO & Co-founder