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From dedicated eCommerce solutions, attractive websites, innovative web applications, to useful mobile applications. We are here to support your business vision.

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What we do



We develop eCommerce websites. From your idea to the first users and solutions.

World Wide Web

Web applications

Grow your startup with dedicated web solutions customized to fit your needs.



Gain a competitive advantage thanks to functional and responsive website projects.

Web Apps

Free eCommerce audit

We will evaluate your eCommerce website and point out possible areas for improvement.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications

Build beautiful and fast applications both for iOS and Android.

Mobile Apps

UX/UI Design

Focused on an intuitive interface and beautiful design.

6 steps to bring your idea to life

Tailored solutions for entrepreneurs and companies that are looking for professionals.


Project consultation

We start by defining the needs of your business and your target users to create the best possible solution.


Planning functionalities

We plan the main functionalities of your product in order to create a minimum viable product and then quickly enter the market.


UX/UI design

We will create an aesthetic and functional design that will meet the needs of business and your users.



We will build your project, working in an agile methodology that will allow introducing changes easily.


Going live

We bring your initial product to the market to start generating value.


Additional features

We plan and implement additional functionalities to your project that will extend its capabilities.

Why Rigby

We help in the implementation of your product from idea to launch and development. We want to thoroughly understand your needs and then create a perfectly tailored solution that will build value.

Suited solution

Support at every stage

Agile approach

Attractive design

You already have your online store, but it's not working as it should?

Take advantage of our free audit offer and let us take a look at it.

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