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Web application

A web application is a browser-based application that provides a specific service to the user. Designing an application requires understanding the business need and then creating a solution that suits them.

We start creating a web application with a meeting during which we collect the necessary information, and then together we conduct brainstorming to define the initial requirements of the project. The next step is to prepare the visual layer of the application. After accepting the design, we proceed to code the first version of the application. After creating the minimum viable product version, we develop the application with new planned functionalities, working in the Agile methodology.

Rigby services for web applications

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Build from scratch

We transform your idea into a fully functional application ready for customers.

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Application development

We develop and modify the application with additional functionalities.

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We will optimize your application and fix any errors found in it.

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In case of any problems or questions with your product, we will help you.

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We will create a responsive design of the application that will be consistent with your vision for the product.

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We will connect your application with all the external services you need.

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Technologies used in Rigby

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What do you gain working with Rigby

Suited solution

We start each project by closely investigating your needs. After understanding them, we prepare a solution that suits them.

Support at every stage

We focus on keeping you in the loop, that’s why during the project we are always at your disposal to advise you and dispel any doubts.

Agile approach

We work in Agile management methodology, which allows us to quickly introduce new changes and guarantee efficient and flexible project realization.

Are you planning to sell within your application?

Change the application into a tool for selling products online.

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