Online store for the iconic brand Unitra in Medusa and Next.js

Creating an online store with a unique style that reflects the company's identity and provides a robust foundation for future growth. Our team ensured that the website adheres to the latest technological standards, ensuring excellent responsiveness and fast performance.


Unitra, an iconic brand and symbol of a three-decade history of audio-video equipment production in Poland, holds a special place in the hearts of our countrymen. Its products adorned practically every household in the country. Now, the decision has been made to revive this famous company from the times of the Polish People's Republic, combining its timeless beauty with the new demands of modernity.



Our client has engaged in a partnership with us to establish a robust foundation for the future development of their online store. The grand return of the brand was meant to be evident not only in its products but also in the online sphere. Hence, together, we focused on creating a minimalist design, an intuitive purchasing process, and continuous worldwide accessibility for the store.


Fast page loading


Simple purchasing process


Easy implementation of changes without disrupting platform operation


Unlimited potential for store development with a vision for international sales


Website design reflecting the character of the products


We have developed a platform that utilizes Next.js and an independent Vercel server for the frontend layer, ensuring continuous availability, a simple and intuitive purchasing process, and fast loading worldwide. As the backend, we employed the Medusa eCommerce engine, providing user-friendliness, efficiency, and limitless possibilities for further development.


Medusa.js is an open source headless eCommerce engine that enables the creation of highly customizable solutions.


Next.js is an open source framework that allows you to create fast, flexible and SEO-friendly web applications.


By meeting all client requirements, a headless eCommerce solution was created, allowing the Unitra brand to commence online sales. The employed technology forms a strong foundation that will facilitate the platform's future growth in tandem with the client's online business expansion. By combining these elements, we ensured seamless and enjoyable shopping experiences for customers while laying the groundwork for the store's future development.


Minimalistic, modern design that complements the brand's products


User-friendly platform operation


Fast store loading


Unlimited growth possibilities


Swift implementation of new changes

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